Is the Lib Dem’s ‘Dead Parrot’ the Unlikely Saviour of Labour’s Tattered Rose?

The Brexit and Trump dirty bombs have landed and exploded. The dust is settling. The political landscape looks scorched, cratered and lifeless. I am emerging from my bunker, shocked but … Continue Reading →

Corbynstein’s Monster

Brexit | Chicken Coup | May | Trump Which is the odd one out? I’d say Brexit because all of the others have the effect of focusing the left on … Continue Reading →

Corbyn or Smith, Is Labour’s Problem Just Too Much Baggage?

As an ex Labour member, I know what a terrible wrench it is to leave the Party which, despite its size, operated very much like a (slightly dysfunctional) family at … Continue Reading →

“Labour Led By Corbyn Looks To Be Greener Than The Greens”

If only it were true. When I was an active member of the Labour Party, I was in the pro PR democratic left represented by the late Robin Cook MP. … Continue Reading →

A Green View on Labour’s Crisis

For a long time, I’ve known that the Green Party struggles to appeal to large numbers of working class people, not because its policy platform would not benefit them greatly, … Continue Reading →

Is Brexit Leading Working People to a New Peterloo Massacre?

In the 1970’s and 80’s, I believe there was a valid body of opinion on the left that the UK would be better off outside of the EEC (now EU) … Continue Reading →

The EU – LEAVE or Stay IN

The European Union has historically attempted to engineer a Single Market with free movement of labour which pleased capitalists, counterbalanced by the Social Chapter to give a standardised level of … Continue Reading →

The Most Inevitable Establishment Cover Up

If Savile’s free pass to decades of depraved child abuse were not enough for his victims and their families to endure, the tragic inevitability of a very formulaic cover up … Continue Reading →

Adair Turner Does What Lords Do

I should have been shocked by what Adair Turner didn’t say on Radio 4 Today on 19th January 2016 but I wasn’t. I wasn’t shocked but I was certainly furious, … Continue Reading →

Milking It?

    Our local farm is a tenant farm. The farmer is in his 70′s and becoming very infirm. His son who assists him around the farm is disabled. They … Continue Reading →