Corbynstein’s Monster

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Which is the odd one out?


I’d say Brexit because all of the others have the effect of focusing the left on the political enemy whereas Brexit is like a rocky coast with UKIP the main force behind the storm forcing the left’s ship towards the wreckers.

Ever since SLab lost Scotland to the SNP and forty or so Westminster seats with it in 2015, I thought Labour had the north face of the Eiger to climb if it was to win GE2020. That north face may as well have been coated with anti-climb paint following the ongoing ‘boundary review’.  Add to that Labour’s creation of Corbynstein’s Monster where an economically left wing leadership and mass membership head has been grafted grotesquely onto a small neo-liberal PLP body where the body seems to be deciding the direction of travel or more accurately, which section of the fence to keep sitting on.

Labour’s founding core objectives were to act as the political wing of the trade union movement and to represent the interests of the working class. During 13 years of power it chose to do nothing to reverse the weakening of the unions by the Tories and inequality was worse when Labour was defeated in 2010 than it was in 1997. The rise of the SNP, UKIP and Brexit are Labour’s harvest of 13 years of neglect of its core supporters. It no longer appears to be able to agree what it exists for, what its ‘use’ is. The current Labour leadership and hundreds of thousands of Corbynite members have far more in common with the Green Party than they do with their own because the Blairite policies have largely remained the same. New mood music (and public rows); same old policies.  The Blairites in the PLP display values that are already on offer within the Liberal Democrats.

We have centrist Liberal Democrats. We have left wing Greens. We have a Labour Party that has lost Scotland to the Scottish Nationalists and England to the English Nationalists. Post Brexit UK is on the verge of disintegration. The English working class is being seduced by the hard right with its lies, scapegoating and easy answers.

As a former Labour Councillor, I feel physically sick to witness the state of the Party. It has failed the UK people at their time of greatest need due primarily to egotism and factionalism. It is unspeakably self-obsessed and narcissistic. Labour must understand once again that until we get a fair voting system and constitutional reform in this country, its crucial role is to be the biggest part of the vehicle for that reform not a roadblock to it.

Labour needs to ask itself who it wants to represent and help going forward. Does liberal socialism even fit what most working class people want any more? Should Labour become an unashamedly populist left party requiring it to embrace a harder Brexit, immigration controls and pledge a more secular state to satisfy Islamophobic forces? This could all be done alongside curbing the power of The City, progressive taxation, investment in public services and creating a more equal society. Does it need to leave so-called ‘wishy washy do-gooder’ libertarian policies to the Greens, allowing us to remain the willing lightning conductors for bigoted vitriol?

I was rightly asked to correct a tweet saying in error that Labour’s Richmond Park candidate was pro Heathrow expansion. He wasn’t for which I apologised but his Party is and why was he even standing at all? Why did he not stand aside like the Greens did as part of a progressive alliance to defeat Goldsmith, the Tory stooge? Blind tribalism. Pride. Paralysis. We have no room or time for any of these any more.

For pity’s sakes Labour, decide where you stand, swallow your pride and join the Progressive Alliance that unseated Goldsmith in Richmond Park. That is how we will ALL defeat the Tories in 2020. Labour cannot do it on its own any more.

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