“Labour Led By Corbyn Looks To Be Greener Than The Greens”

Green Corbyn

If only it were true. When I was an active member of the Labour Party, I was in the pro PR democratic left represented by the late Robin Cook MP. Corbyn was on the hard left which was traditionally opposed to electoral reform thinking it to be a middle or chattering class obsession rather than a pre-requisite for safeguarding the progressive left in UK politics.

This was one of many areas where Corbyn’s traditional brand of command and control socialism is at odds with the often misunderstood Green agenda. While there are definitely significant areas of overlap between Green and Corbynite policies, fundamental differences remain. Traditional socialism is still wedded to the centralisation of power whereas Greens want decentralisation to the lowest possible levels for reasons of democracy and a more ecological economic system. Socialism is still hanging on to the idea of a paternalistic state with wrap-around provision for its citizens whereas greens believe in empowered individuals taking more control of their own lifestyles and local community activity while underpinned by a state provided Basic Income Scheme. A Green ¬†eco-socialist society would still require a centralised state administration but with a very stripped down remit of co-ordinating and implementing national strategic objectives and projects e.g. foreign policy, defence, agricultural planning, a smart grid for renewable energy and national integrated public transport systems among others. Greens are of the libertarian left whereas Labour remains on the authoritarian right of the political spectrum, despite Corbyn’s year of leadership within a Blairite PLP. These are very stark differences of political ideology and position and the reason why Greens have been permanently lost to the modern Labour Party.

In short, I do not believe that Greens will be tempted by the Corbyn offer and I have seen this with my own eyes as the Chair of a local Green Party over the past year. The reason members have remained with us is that they simply didn’t believe that Corbyn could survive as leader in a PLP infested with Blairites. Tragically in my opinion, Labour has clung on to the First Past the Post electoral system for at least 15 years too long which may now be its undoing. If Labour splits before the next General Election, it is finished and with it, any chance of winning another election under First Past the Post. I predict that if it does split, many on Labour’s progressive left will ultimately join the Green Party when they look into its ACTUAL rather than perceived policy platform. The Conservative Party is far more likely to come back together than Labour and therefore the only Party capable of winning power under our unfair and broken voting system. I am praying that Labour hangs together for one more General Election in the fundamental interests of democracy in the UK but looking at events, that’s probably a pipe dream.

I don’t know anyone in the Green Party that wants Labour to split now or views its crisis as anything other than very serious within the current national context. I believe that my 2014 prediction of a Conservative hegemony via elective dictatorship in England & Wales is still looking odds on although I will only have desperation to show for being proved right without so much as a grain of satisfaction.

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